Simply connect trial offer. If We have a current TIDAL account and register via Unlimited Plus, am I going to arrive at keep my playlists and favorites?

What’s Sprint Unlimited Plus?

Sprint is currently offering a totally free limitless TIDAL Premium registration to their clients using the Sprint Unlimited Plus plan beginning with July 13, 2018.

Just What for free if I already have TIDAL but want to sign up for Sprint Unlimited Plus to get it?

If you’re currently spending with credit cards or PayPal for TIDAL:

  1. Contact Sprint and join the Sprint Unlimited Plus plan.
  2. Once you’ve registered, head to my. and cancel your overall membership.
  3. Visit your TIDAL software and log down, you shall then be prompted to just accept via Sprint Unlimited Plus.

Then you will be prompted to accept via the Sprint Unlimited Plus if you cancel your subscription and do not log out you will remain on your current TIDAL subscription until the pay period is over and.

If you should be presently spending with Apple Pay:

  1. Contact Sprint and subscribe to the Sprint Unlimited Plus plan.
  2. Cancel your membership through Apple via Apple iTunes Cancellation & In-App Purchases
  3. Visit your TIDAL application and log down. You shall then be prompted to simply accept via Sprint Unlimited Plus.

If you’re presently having to pay via your Sprint account for TIDAL</p>

  1. Contact Sprint and subscribe to the Sprint Unlimited Plus plan.
  2. Your membership via Sprint Unlimited Plus will start immediately and you’ll never be charged for the past registration plan following the end of one’s present payment duration.

I get to keep my playlists and favorites if I have an existing TIDAL account and sign up via Unlimited Plus, will?

Yes. If you should be presently spending via charge card, PayPal or Apple Pay, please cancel your method that is current of as noted above and contact TIDAL customer support to transfer your current playlists and favorites to your account. If you’re spending via your Sprint account, your playlists and favorites will migrate immediately.

This thirty days we already taken care of TIDAL but ended up being provided the Sprint Unlimited Plus plan. Am I going to get my cash back?

TIDAL subscriptions are charged for a basis that is monthly our company is struggling to offer partial subscriptions.

Please ensure that you cancel your overall TIDAL membership by planning to my. in the event that you spend via Credit Card/PayPal or through Apple ( Apple iTunes Cancellation & In-App Purchases ).

Let’s say I currently received a 6-month test from Sprint? Have always been we nevertheless qualified to have TIDAL free of charge?

Yes, for as long as you subscribe to the Unlimited Plus that is new plan. When enrolled, you’re going to be immediately transformed into a free tidal premium membership.

Simple tips to set my username up and password?

Sprint clients can utilize TIDAL on the phone without producing a account.

If you are interested to make use of TIDAL on the net, desktop or via other products (ex: built-in speakers), it is important to make your very own password. Please visit this site about how to set-up a account. We shall additionally prompt you to definitely put up your very own password after making use of TIDAL for the time that is second but this isn’t mandatory.

We began TIDAL that is using with Sprint Unlimited Plus plan and forgot setting my username, and today i will be logged down. Am I going to have the ability to log in once again?

Yes, just get Sprint SIM card within the phone. When you have any presssing dilemmas, please contact Sprint Customer Service .

We started making use of TIDAL aided by the Sprint Unlimited Plus, and I also didn’t set a username now i’ve a brand new phone. Can I have the ability to log back? What goes on to your music we spared to my account? Could it be lost?

No, it isn’t lost provided that no modifications were made to your Sprint account.

As it indicates that your subscription has changed if you log in and are unable to see your saved tracks and playlists, please contact Sprint ( Sprint Customer Service.

Do i need to choose from TIDAL or Hulu whenever I join Sprint Unlimited Plus?

No, Unlimited Plus customers have both TIDAL and Hulu totally free so long as you are regarding the Unlimited Plus plan.