Over 18’s just. You need to are now living in Hampshire, Dorset, western Sussex, Wiltshire or perhaps the Isle of Wight to enter.


After 6:00am on Thursday 2nd April 2020, the presenter of Wave 105 will announce on-air the Wave ‘s money Dash quantity

(“Prize Amount”) in pounds and pence, highly relevant to the Competition.The Prize Amount is likely to be legitimate for that draw just, could be the winning solution and may also be the bucks reward that entrants are attempting to win for the Competition (hereby referred to as “Prize”).As put down above, the appropriate Prize Amount for your competitors is supposed to be announced on-air. But, we reserve the ability to announce the Prize Amount at any right time through the Competition. We might also promote the existing Prize Amount in the particular Station’s web site, social media marketing or via an SMS advertising message or via just about any medium at our absolute discretion.After the Entry Period has closed, one entrant from all the legitimate entries may be chosen by automatic random draw and should be contacted because of the telephone number supplied with their entry. This can be go on atmosphere or off-air to be played away at a time that is later. All callers are arbitrarily chosen when you look at the way that is same any off-air recording is only going to ever happen following the entries have actually closed.

To be able to have fun with the Competition, the entrant must respond to their phone within 5 bands. The 5 bands will undoubtedly be judged in line with the facility sound recording (for the avoidance of doubt the sound of a “ring ring” shall count as one band, perhaps maybe not two). The entrant will be expected to relax and play your competitors the moment they answer the telephone. Then they will be unable to play the Competition and another entrant will be chosen.If you are selected, you will be required to talk to the presenter(s) and your call will be recorded and played on-air (assuming there is no breach by you of these terms and conditions).The entrant who is randomly selected to play will be asked to name the Prize Amount relevant to that daily draw of the Competition if they are not in a position to play for any reason. They are going to then have only 15 moments to offer the bucks Dash Prize Amount through the point of which they truly are expected because of it through the presenter(s).If they provide the proper Prize Amount in pounds and pence they will win the Prize. We might ask an entrant to duplicate or verify their solution.

The entrant will likely not win the Prize as long as they:• fail to resolve the telephone at all;

or• fail to answer the device within five bands (in line with the station’s audio); or• provide the Prize that is incorrect Amount or• fail to offer the best Prize Amount within 15 moments to be expected because of the presenter(s); or• fail to state some thing; or• be disconnected for any explanation beyond our controlThe response provided needs to be demonstrably audible to presenters and adjudicators and audible in the studio’s sound recording. Should this be uncertain or inaudible because of a bad sign or virtually any explanation, entrants are ineligible to win. If entrants come in the judgement of this presenters and/or adjudicators to illegally be driving, they’re not going to meet the requirements to win. Where there was any question in terms of whether or not an entrant has because virginia payday loans definition of the proper Prize Amount or the award is granted, we reserve the ability to defer decision generating to an adjudicator that is off-air check out the audio recording with regards to these stipulations. All our choices concerning your competitors and/or awarding of rewards are last. No conversations or communication with entrants or other individual shall be entered into.

In the event that entrant is announced the champion, your competitors will end. In the event that very first entrant selected to try out just isn’t announced the champion, another entrant will likely to be drawn at random and asked to relax and play. This technique shall carry on until a success is announced.

Please include money quantity in the event that you hear it before me personally, when I will likely to be out walking my dog for my day-to-day workout #StaySafe